Overweight – The Dangers of Too Much

Before you grab that large size coke or that mouthwatering bacon cheeseburger, You may want to read this, Being overweight can be just as problematic as being underweight. The health consequence can be risky, if not fatal. The patients who are obese die younger. Moreover, exceeding your ideal weight can put you at risk for the following:

1. Arthritis: Due to increasing weight joint pains leading to arthritis couldn’t be far behind. Besides, Studies says Even if you tell people to exercise, They cannot move anymore. (scary ei?!) because their weight is so heavy.

2. Infertility: Because weight affects processes such as ovulation, and even quality sperm production, infertility is a consequence for overweight males and females. too fat, too lazy. no sex no baby. Reduce your weight so you can conceive.

3. Diabetes: “It has been found that there’s a parallel increase of the diabetes threads(in overweight people)” In The United States, 60% of the population is gaining weight, and type 2 diabetes is increasing in prevalence as well. You can see children are very big, and you will see the prevalence of diabetes also increases. Just imagine getting fat and getting diabetic. two concerns will be prevented if you will just slow down in your calorie intake and carefully plan your diet.

4. Social stigma: Although not a medical consequence, It’s one that’s equally important. ” On TV now, Everybody are extremely thin. All these ads, all the models looks anorexic. So whenever vain women see this It puts signals on their brains, So fat people are stigmatized.

5. Sleep Apnea- This is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing just imagine this , your so big the lungs become affected. This makes you prone to sudden death. Nobody want that to happen.

How Can Women Avoid the Danger of Cervical Cancer?

How can women prevent cervical cancer?

Cervical Cancer is when abnormal cells that are found in the cervix turn into cancer cells. This cancer is mostly caused by the human papillomavirus, or more commonly known as HPV. Women could have HPV for years and not even know it, because sometimes it does not show any symptoms. A few symptoms to watch out for would be bleeding from the vagina that is abnormal, pain during sex, bleeding during sex, and discharge from the vagina that includes blood. Cervical Cancer is more common with women over the age of 30, but it is never to early to start thinking abut getting tested for this disease. Women today may think this test is something they should keep putting off but if you are over the age of 21 or if you have been sexually active for more than three years, you should take some time to get this quick test.

The test is called a Pap Test, or more commonly known as a Pap Smear. A Pap Smear is a quick test taking at the most 5 minutes. The doctor will have you lay on an examining table, and using a speculum will open the vagina to see the cervix. After the cervix is seen, the doctor will use a special brush to collect a few cells and send them off to the lab for testing. Also during the Pap Smear a doctor does a quick pelvic exam to check the uterus and ovaries for any imperfections.

The next step after the Pap Smear would be waiting to hear about your results. If everything is fine, your doctor will usually send out a generic letter saying everything checked out fine and you can come back in a year. The other circumstance is if they find something on your Pap Smear. If this happens the doctor is in contact with you to make you aware that abnormal cells were found on your Pap Smear and that you have to come in for a biopsy, and a colposcopy. A colposcopy is a test used to see a magnified and illuminated view of the cervix to look for the lesions or abnormal cells. To highlight these cells the doctor will use a solution, and any lesion will be illuminated. After viewing this the doctor will take a biopsy, which is the removal of a small piece of tissue, and they will send the tissue off to see if the abnormal cells are at a mild state. If this is so the doctor will recommend more frequent Pap Smears to make sure that the cells stay at the mild state, these tests would range from every 3-6 months, until you get a few normal Pap Smear in a row. If the Biopsy comes back with cells in a higher abnormal state, then your doctor will recommend what treatment plan is best for you to handle this disease.

Women can avoid getting Cervical Cancer, it is all about early detection. The earlier you can catch this cancer, it may be easier to get rid of this disease. If you can keep up with your yearly Pap Smears, the chances of the cancer being caught in an earlier stage are higher so it can be easier to get rid of.

The Dangerous Use of Conversational Hypnosis to Make Her Feel Insatiable Sexual Desire and Lust

Language is the most powerful tool on Earth. More powerful that any weapon, language has been used to seduce nations into wars, horrible acts of violence, and great heights of compassion and success.

So why is it that when most guys speak to a beautiful woman, they blurt out a jumbled mix of verbs and nouns and adjectives without any idea of how they will effect her emotional state?

There is a specific set of language patterns, or strategies that are a much better alternative to these. Rather than spewing out a hopeful combination of word salad, and hope that you “get lucky,” there is a better way.

Conversational, or covert hypnosis was designed to be used in a therapist’s office to combat long held emotional and psychological problems. Smoking, weight loss, long held grief over the tragic loss of a loved one. All of these longstanding and deep problems have been effectively and quickly solved through the skilled use of language. Nothing else. No drugs, no shock therapy. Just words. Words arranged in such a way to alleviate incredible emotional pain.

Are you starting to imagine how powerful your language can become when you begin to learn the skills of conversational hypnosis?

Do you think the same skills, that can ease emotional, and sometimes even physical, pain can be used in other areas?

Do you think these powerful language skills can be used in a conversation with a beautiful woman, so beautiful that most guys are afraid to talk to her?

To create such powerful feelings of emotional and sexual desire for you that she will likely do anything that you ask?
Language patterns can overcome the strongest resistance, and allow her to imagine the most wonderful of her fantasies being fulfilled in you.

Be careful, because these patterns can also be used for evil. And although it can be tempting, only devastation will follow.